Our Committees - working for you

Our committees help create policy, they debate, investigate, promote and report on a range of industry initiatives and issues which are designed to educate, assist and enhance the work experience for employees, employers and professionals in the sector.

CESA has developed a number of committees and panels over time to address various subject areas within the industry, some have been established for many years progressing ongoing issues such as Standards and Regulations. Whilst others have a shorter life span in response to current short term issues which require a collective response.

You can view and join the CESA Committees here.

CESA Council

Our council is comprised of key members with a vast wealth of industry knowledge & experience between them, working to ensure that CESA continues its focus on our vision & achieves our objectives:

• To further the interests and raise the standards of the industry, and promote the welfare of its members.

• Sustained representation to relevant government departments and regulatory authorities locally, nationally and internationally on all matters affecting members.

• Active co-operation with other like-minded trade associations in the UK and worldwide.

• Effective collaboration between all suppliers engaged in Food Service Equipment supply.